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South Mississauga Dialysis Centre

Located adjacent to Wellbrook Place, the South Mississauga Dialysis Centre, is a new addition to THP's renal care services. The dialysis facility is designed to operate 16 stations for long-term care residents and community members living with chronic kidney disease.

The South Mississauga Dialysis Centre will serve as a new satellite site for THP’s Outpatient Renal Program and expand services already offered at Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and the Renal Care Centre on Watline Avenue. This new site is in direct response to the needs of our aging community with chronic kidney disease on the rise, especially among the elderly and middle-aged Ontarians. It will also increase access to important community-based services and bring them closer to home, especially for those who are long-term care patients of Wellbrook Place.

Operational since January and celebrating its grand official opening in June, the South Mississauga Dialysis Centre is staffed by THP nephrologists, nurses, and multidisciplinary team members, all committed to providing exceptional care to patients and advancing the delivery of high-quality, specialized care. The centre offers THP a unique opportunity to build a collaborative care model for residents and community members requiring dialysis, preventing unnecessary emergency department visits, and a reduction in length of hospital stays for residents.

For additional information about the South Mississauga Dialysis Centre, including opening hours, please contact the clinic at 905-813-1219.

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Updates to the Community

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